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Fostering individual learning and child development at every age and stage through active, hands-on discovery and exploration.
At Bright Horizons®, we’re right there with your child – providing an engaging, flexible curriculum that’s designed to inspire children at every age and stage. Built around extensive research, 21st-century technology, and developmentally- appropriate instruction, our carefully planned curriculum introduces and reinforces concepts of math, science, language, social awareness, environment, art, and health. We look forward to sharing this experience with your family and partnering with you on your child’s educational journey.
Infant Daycare Infant Care An exceptional place for your baby to thrive and grow. Toddler Daycare Toddler Care and Education An engaging world where toddlers learn and explore. Preschool Program Preschool Curriculum Where curious children become inspired students. Pre K Program Pre-Kindergarten Preparing children for success in kindergarten and beyond.
Infant Care

Toddler Care and Education

Preschool Curriculum

Kindergarten Kindergarten Where children’s social and academic skills flourish. Elementary Schools Elementary Schools Enriching learning environments that foster growing independence. Montessori Schools Montessori Schools nurturing children’s individual strengths and academic potential. Back Up Child Care Back-Up Care Dependable solutions for parents’ emergency child care needs.
Elementary Schools
Back-Up Care
Family Resources for Growing Children
A great place for parenting tips, at-home learning activities for children, and parent conversations.
Tips for Choosing Child Care Worried about the adjustments that come with starting child care? Read our guide to help you with your child care search & prepare your family for the change. Read More Growing Readers Read More Healthy Lunchbox Ideas Read More Science Activities for Preschoolers Fun activities that teach science. Read More Preparing for your First Child Having a baby is probably one of the most life-changing events you will ever experience. Read More
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A social network for parents and educators to share ideas, get perspectives and ask questions.
Organization Tips for Busy Parents

Being a working parent takes an incredible amount of organization, preparation, juggling and a little bit of daily magic. We have some organization tips that'll help organize your busy family.

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