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Very simple implementation of ICommand

Posted on 25 May 2012 by markld1

So far, I haven’t found a need to pass parameters to Commands when using MVVM with WPF and Silverlight. Consequently, the implementation of ICommand can be pared down to the bare minimum.

/// <summary> /// Simple class to provide an implementation of ICommand /// </summary> public class CommandHandler : ICommand { private Action method; /// <summary> /// Constructor allows a parameterless lambda to be passed in /// </summary> /// <param name="method">method to invoke when Execute is called</param> public CommandHandler(Action method) { this.method = method; } /// <summary> /// Commands can always execute /// </summary> /// <param name="parameter">not used</param> /// <returns>true</returns> public bool CanExecute(object parameter) { return true; } /// <summary> /// Execute the lambda /// </summary> /// <param name="parameter"></param> public void Execute(object parameter) { method(); } /// <summary> /// Not used, but has empty add and remove blocks to avoid "Warning as Error" /// </summary> public event EventHandler CanExecuteChanged { add { } remove { } } } }

This can then be used in a ViewModel like this:

� /// <summary> /// Command to test a new server /// </summary> public ICommand TestServer { get { return new CommandHandler(() => TestNewServer()); } } /// <summary> /// Command to start a database comparison /// </summary> public ICommand Run { get { return new CommandHandler(() => RunComparison()); } } /// <summary> /// Command to cause the non-empty table list to be filled /// </summary> public ICommand CheckTables { get { return new CommandHandler(() => NotifyPropertyChanged("NonEmptyTables")); } }

The source code can be downloaded from Simply rename the file to remove the .txt extension. This works for both WPF and Silverlight.

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