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Technical 4-way stretch nylon built to take on the most rugged hunting endeavors

The lightly insulated Timberline pants serve as the alpine hunter's workhorse in cold conditions. The Timberline Pant is a highly technical 4-way stretch nylon pant that's not only durable and pliable, but also water-repellent and fast drying.

"The Timberline Pant is my go-to pant. As a mountain hunter, you spend plenty of time hiking hard and then slowing down for long stalks. For me, it's the best all-season pant. The waterproof seat allows me to sit on wet moss or snow covered trees and even sharp, broken rocks without hesitation. The knee pad addition is a valuable asset, whether crawling up on a bedded ram in the cactus-studded mountains of Mexico or the sharp Northwest Territories shale. When you spend months at a time in the same pair of pants, you need something that lasts and the Timberline Pant does just that." —Sitka Athlete Dustin Roe KEY FEATURES: • Reinforced Seat, Knees and Hem • Light Removable Knee Pads • Waterproof Breathable Seat and Knees • Side Cargo Pockets • Precise Sculpted Fit • Articulated Patterning • Weight 45.3 Oz. TECHNOLOGY: Durable Water Repellent Finish FABRIC DETAILS: 4-Way Stretch Nylon with Brushed Back No reviews available

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