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Western Pacific Timber, LLC

Western Pacific Timber, LLC

Western Pacific Timber, LLC (WPT) is a privately-held timber company that owns and manages approximately 150,000 acres in Idaho and Washington. Our holdings consist of two large blocks of land, one in Klickitat County, Washington and the other in Idaho County, Idaho. We also own scattered parcels of land in ten counties in Washington State.

Timberlands open to Recreation September 23, 2017

September 23, 2017 Western Pacific Timber, LLC will re-open idjmmohp. timberland laarzen te koop our timberlands west of Highway 97 to recreation. Please refer to our Recreation Policy page for more information.


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Orion Timberlands

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Current Projects

Canopy Logging Maine, INC

  • Size: 300,000+ acres
  • Location: Northern Maine

About the ownership:

  • Central Aroostook Highlands: An area of greater than 250,000 acres of commercial forestland purchased from Irving Woodlands, LLC. Previously, the property was owned and managed by the Great Northern Paper Company.
  • Top of Maine: 107,000 acres of commercial forestland in the very northern portion of Maine, referred to as the Top of Maine. Previously owned by the Pingree family since the mid-1800's, the Top of Maine has been managed by Seven Islands Land Company since the mid-1960's.


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