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The Mental Focus For A Senior Golf Player

Senior golf is not only physical, but also it is a mental game. You have to have the ability to stay focused, concentrate on the game, and forget the distractions around you. This is very import when playing golf and as you get older, your mental ability to contrite fully on the game could result in a few mistakes in the game. The game is said to e ninety percent mental focus and ten percent physical. If this is the case, then a senior golfer needs to concentrate on the game and leave the world behind.

Senior golf is for relaxing. Even thought you are playing to win, you need to relax and focus solely on your game. If you have a cell phone ringing or to many people around the tee box, you could lose your focus, miss that possible hole in one shot and come in above par. You want golf to be relaxing and enjoyable, but you also need to play to win. It is a matter on mind over matter when you golf. Not everyone can have this type of discipline. Some golfers work hard at focusing while others work at the physical aspects of the game. You need to keep your attention on both the physical and mental aspects of the game.

There was a senior golf pro named Ben Hogan who was very quiet and subdued on the green. This was his way of concentrating and playing the game. Many people thought he was rude or unsociable, but he may have been focused on his came and had the discipline to keep his mind on the game. You see many senior golf players on the golf courses laughing it up and having fun. These golfers play for the fun and excitement but do not care if they make it to the PGA.

Tommy Bolt was a loud player as he was verbal when he played and he had a bad habit of throwing his clubs. He lost many games because of his actions, but he may have had focus, but could not match that focus with his physical ability. It was often wondered how he managed to win some majors in his career. He must have had a reason for getting upset with himself. He knew he could do better, but some people just cannot concentrate with so much distraction around them. When all was said and done, he did come to grip with his anger and won in the senior golf with the PGA.

Senior golf is harder to start at an older age if you have not been doing it a while. You have to condition the body to do the physical side of golf and you need to train your mind to focus and refrain from noticing distractions going on around you. If you are serious about senior golf, you can learn a few tips from the pros on how to improve your game and how to stay focused when on the course.

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      Annuaire de r


      • Bearings & Bushings
      • Belts
      • Blades
      • Carburetors & Parts
      • Centrifugal Clutches
      • Chainsaw Parts
      • Commerical Parts
      • Control Cables
      • Drive Parts
      • Electrical Parts
      • Engine Parts
      • Filters
      • Fuel Line/Accessories
      • Hardware
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      Terms & Conditions OEM Replacement Belts Home :: Mower Parts :: Pulleys :: Steel Flat Idler Pulleys :: John Deere :: Flat Idler Pulley for John Deere GY00054 / 78-132 Printable version

      Flat Idler Pulley for John Deere GY00054 / 78-132

      Flat Idler Pulley for John Deere GY00054 / 78-132

      Product Description

      Flat Idler Pulley for John Deere GY00054 / 78-132

      Replaces OEM: John Deere GY00054 Size: Inner Dimension: 1/4" Outer Dimension: 3-1/2" Flat Outer Dimension: 2-3/4" Flat Width: 3/4" Overall Width: 1-1/8" Offset: 3/8" Material: Steel Oregon Part Number: 78-132
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