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Choosing a Checking Account
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Monthly ajddekrh. timberland bottes pour femmesFee
The monthly maintenance fee charged in order to keep the account open.
Bank Type
Whether the bank has physical locations or is solely an online enterprise.
Bank Size
Account Type
Whether the account provides interest on the account balance.
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Choosing the Right Checking Account

Having trouble deciding on which checking account to trust your money with? Because checking accounts often have more variables than any other account offered, choosing the right one for you can sometimes seem overwhelming. First, start by assessing your personal needs and understanding your general checking habits. Having a good idea of your typical monthly banking trends will help you avoid unnecessary fees. If you plan to use your account simply to write checks and cover monthly payments, finding a free checking account without any additional costs will be appropriate. Is earning interest important for you? Many banks provide interest earning checking accounts, however these accounts generally have lower rates than other savings vehicles like savings accounts or CDs. Lastly, online-only banks are steadily growing in popularity because they often offer higher interest rates and lower fees. If you are comfortable with online banking and plan to maintain a slightly higher monthly balance, online-only banks might be a good option for you. Keeping these factors in mind and using the filters to customize your search will help identify the appropriate account for you.

Smart Rating

The Smart Rating is an unbiased scoring of the accounts features and other metrics, including interest rate, minimum balance (to open) and monthly fee. The features include online banking, account alerts, mobile banking, and free checks. It then assigns a weighted value to each variable, averages the scores, and produces an overall rating of the account.
Range across all Checking Accounts
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Bank Type

Whether the bank has physical locations or is solely an online enterprise.
  • Internet: These banks provide all services online without any physical branch locations. Because of this, the costs are substantially lower because it only needs to support an online network rather than various branches, ATMs, and tellers. This means they are able to pass these savings along to the consumer which leads to lower fees and cheaper services. Often times they also offer special deals such as higher interest rates on checking/savings accounts and unlimited internet transactions. However, because these banks have no branches to conduct transactions, unless you utilize direct deposit on your account, depositing money through the mail can be an inconvenience. Lastly, internet only banks typically don't provide numerous ATMs like traditional banks do so frequent use of ATMs can result in a substantial amount of unwanted fees.

  • Branch: Traditional bricks-and-mortar banks with multiple branches and ATM services in a number of locations. These banks also provide online banking services but are not typically able to offer the same rates and low costs as online only banks.
The chart above displays the percentage breakdown of bank type across all Checking Accounts on Credio.

Account Type

Whether the account provides interest on the account balance.
  • Interest Checking: Interest checking accounts allow you to earn interest on easily accessible cash. You can write checks, use a debit card, and make transfers, while also earning a competitive return on your cash. There are some restrictions however that may or may not apply, depending on the bank, including minimum balance requirements, bounced check fees, and a limited number of transfers per month.

  • Non-Interest Checking: Traditional checking accounts which do not earn interest but often have low or waived fees and requirements.
The chart above displays the percentage breakdown of account type across all Checking Accounts on Credio.

Interest Rate (APY)

The effective annual rate of return you earn on your deposit. This is notable because it takes compounding into account which represents the earnings on your earnings. The higher the interest rate, the better the return on your deposit.
Range across all Checking Accounts

Monthly Fee

The monthly maintenance fee charged in order to keep the account open. This fee can commonly be waived by meeting one or more guidelines established by the provider. These often include minimum average daily balances, direct deposits, or combinations of specific transactions.
Distribution of Monthly Fee
Show the top Checking Accounts with the lowest monthly fee

What to Watch for in Checking Accounts

Many accounts apply hefty fees for overdrafts, bounced checks, ATM use, and minimum balance so it is important to have a good idea of how often these things occur for you. If ATM fees are killing you, finding a bank with free ATMs and reimbursement will be helpful. If you have trouble maintaining a higher minimum balance, find an account with free or low monthly maintenance fee to avoid stressful fees that you may not expect.

Checking Account Cost Analysis


The purpose of the Checking Account Cost Analysis is to provide an approximation of how costly a checking account can be for various types of spending habits. The goal is to provide a snapshot into how a checking account's fee structure can influence your deposits over an annual basis. The spending types used in the analysis do not perfectly mimic spending patterns that have been observed or documented. Rather, these profiles are meant to capture a range of spending habits. This analysis focuses on the fees that a customer is most likely to encounter when using a checking account. Here is an overview of each spending profile:

  • Conservative Spender: Conservative Spenders are always cognizant of their account balance, so they will not pay monthly fees. They will avoid withdrawing money from non-bank owned ATMs. Conservative Spenders do not opt-in for overdraft protection so overdraft fees will not apply.

  • Frequent Spender: Frequent spenders use out-of-network ATMs multiple times each month. They do opt-in for overdraft protection so overdraft fees will be charged on a few occasions. Frequent Spenders will also have to pay the monthly fee several times for dipping below the minimum required balance.

  • Average Spender: Average Spenders will sometimes use out-of-network ATMs. They do not opt-in for overdraft protection so overdraft fees will not be charged. Average Spenders will pay the monthly fee a few times per year for dipping below the minimum required balance.

As you can see, these profiles are not entirely mutually exclusive. While your spending habits may not line up perfectly with any of these profiles, they should give you insight into how much a checking can cost, given the aforementioned assumptions. After seeing the costs for each profile, you can think about how expensive a certain checking account may be, given your own spending habits.

Data from a study by the CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau) was used to build the spending habits of these profiles.

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